Monday, October 16, 2006

Superstar Stephanie Ly's Baku T-shirt

Canadian supermodel Stephanie Ly visited Montreal over the weekend and I dropped by to meet her with my excellent brother JD who snapped some fantastic photo snaps.

We took a shine to Steph
for a whole bunch of reasons 1-She's one of the sweetest, most level-headed people you'll ever meet. 2-She completed studies as an accountant and has a sharp mind and an excellent profession. 3-She has deftly managed a career that is exploding like Kim Il's nuclear hobby, her website is huge and she's got 70,000 friends (ask her for an add). Steph tells us that she's planning on possibly getting into television and we'd love to see her on our TVs.

Steph is not going to be marching the streets of Azerbaijan quite yet...her schedule is jammed for the next little while, but she's keen on one day visiting the legendary and mysterious Maiden Tower, leafy Fountain Square, the hilly, twisting streets of Old Baku as well as some of the famous mountain towns and Caspian seasides of Azerbaijan, which all combine to make Azerbaijan the most mysterious and captivating adventure for travellers anywhere. Until she can visit in person, Steph sends her love and greetings to Azeris everywhere.

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Blogger kamikazim said...

Being from Baku, Azerbaijan myself, I have to say it's very rare for ANYONE to even know the location of this city! I was very interested and I just spent a good chunk of time going through all your posts and I have to say, I'm intrigued by how interested you are in my city and how much you have learned. I have grown in an international community with children of BP, Schlumberger, Baker Hughes and StatOil workers and it has always been our little secret about how unique of a city Baku is. It's like a secret city which, if you know about it, can be one of the greatest places to be.

10:13 AM  

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