Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Az's tourist billboard - a work in progress

Azerbaijan is an incredibly photogenic place. The two shots above are just a couple of hundreds of amazing pics I took and I'm a bad photographer with a cheap camera, imagine what you could do. So when I saw this tourism billboard poster
aiming to bedazzle and allure you to visit the country, I suffered a sudden and acute case of underwhelmeditis. I suppose there's an entire strategy behind it. I wish I knew it, but I wasn't there to hear the discussion that led the tourist authorities to choose this image and slogan. I guess the slogan "there's more than a few oil wells" is supposed to be a catchy double entendre, but it doesn't even hint at what those other things are. Water? Hills? Women? I guess I should suggest something here. How about : "Istanbul + Moscow + Adventure = Azerbaijan." or, "Azerbaijan - the ancient land of the future." Or "Azerbaijan: the Soviets have left, but they left some vodka."
Okay, I know, I know. Can you do better?


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