Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Press release

I follow the news from Azerbaijan quite closely and enjoy the writing styles of those who put it online, but this one is so blunt it makes Hemingway look like Ellen Degneris. You'll note the absence of "allegedly" and other such terminology, and the word "whoredom"... I had to check to see if that was even a word. Azeri media might be setting new trends here.


Teenagers detained in night clubs and bars in Baku

[ 02 Oct. 2006 12:43 ]

Baku Main Police Department’s Public Security Office conducted raids in several night clubs and bars in the capital.

APA’s correspondent said during the raids in “Atlant”, “Life”, “Filtr” and several other night clubs, 17 teenagers (12 teenage girls and five boys) have been detained. The detained are schoolchildren from different schools of Baku. They were involved in whoredom. The teenagers were taken to Sabayil district police office for interrogation. Their parents have been called to the police station for that.
Necessary actions will be taken about “Atlant”, “Life”, “Filtr” and several other night clubs. /APA/


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