Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pen pals await....

I've been to Azerbaijan and yes yes yes yes! what they say is true. What is it that they say again? Oh yes ..now I remember... they say that it boasts the most beautiful women on the planet. Of course there's good and bad within any population, but I didn't see much of the bad over there when it comes to the female population. And the coolest thing is that you can meet them simply by clicking a few buttons on your computer, here are a few looking for pen pals that I found on one site. So let me introduce you to Samira, Yuliya, Afag, and Sabina. Azerbaijanis can speak Azeri, Turkish and Russian and many can speak English as well. Their English might be a bit wobbly, but yours isn't likely all that great either. I'd suggest you get some pen pals and get to know some Azerbaijanis so once you go to visit, you'll have a great place to visit and some pretty cool people to hang out with.


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